The CEO Dinner

Al Yamamah University held the first CEO Dinner, an initiative to help the university postgraduate students and alumni learn and gain experience from the market leaders, hosting Mr. Georges Schorderet, CEO, Almarai as the keynote speaker on Wednesday 5th of December 2018, at the Movenpick Hotel in Riyadh.

The university hosted Mr. Schorderet to share his career experience as a CEO of such an inspiring leading company with our dear YU postgraduate students and alumni. This initiative is part of the university’s mission to combine theory with companies’ real practices.

Mr. Schorderet started his speech by stating that the CEO must ensure clarification of the company’s objectives with the employees in order to achieve success. He also pointed out that it is almost impossible to control the administrative change. However, it is possible to resist it or even disregard it in a way that leaves the most positive impact on the company.

Speaking about change as a fact in management and leadership, Mr. Schorderet stated that “change can either be a valuable opportunity or a destructive threat. This depends completely on how prepared we are to face it.”

The CEO later gave sincere advice based on his own personal experience to the attendees, expressing his genuine belief that celebrating success is the most powerful way to create a positive environment for a career journey.

Dr. Hussam Ramadan, President of Al Yamamah University later gave a speech about the role of the university in building a promising future, which is to provide the needed academic knowledge and practical experience as part of the YU postgraduate programs. He also added that The CEO Dinner aims to strengthen the spirit of belonging and communication between the university, its students and alumni.

By the end of Dr. Ramadan’s speech, he honored Mr. Schorderet as a sign of appreciation for his remarkable efforts.